Health and Hygiene

Our initiative leads to a hygiene world.Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases.

Energy Saving

Energy conservation by using latest technology and thus to bring a habitual change in our attitude towards energy wastage.

Green and Organic

Methods to cultivate pure vegetables in our home without putting much effort, time and space. A fully automatic smart cultivation cube.

Main Products

Sanitary Napkin Incinerator

"Menstruation" is not a curse/taboo. It is the nature’s most wonderful blessing for woman. Menstrual period provide monthly update for women’s hormonal, reproductive, thyroid and metabolic functions. It is the key of woman’s bone health. Menstruation matters everywhere and every one. Providing adequate facilities for managing her menstruation in a hygienic and healthy way that empowers women in all her family and career life, is our vision. Disposal of sanitary pads at regular intervals in a healthy and tension free atmosphere is every woman’s right. .

  • Features – “3 simple step/touch machine
  • Electrically operated
  • Fully automated technology
  • Very compact size – Portable and Wall mountable.
  • Hassle free Odor free.
  • Less operational time.
  • Simple installation procedure.
  • One touch for opening and one touch for switching on and one touch for removal of ash

Sanitary Pad Dispenser

Stay tuned. We will update the product details as early as possible.


Stay tuned. We will update the product details as early as possible.

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